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What We Offer

Dart Rock Climbing Centre welcomes everyone whether you are a novice who wants to gain experience and develop skills or a dedicated rock athlete looking to push your limits. We provide an environment that caters for all abilities and offers the best indoor climbing experience. Indoor and outdoor climbing adventure activites in Devon
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No climbing experience?
We offer a range of introductory courses from our unique GO! CLIMB! sessions,  (see courses page). All courses are with a qualified instructor and all equipment will be provided.

Once you have completed one of our courses, you may be able to climb unsupervised at the Centre if your instructor feels you are sufficiently competent. You may also learn to climb under the supervision of an experienced friend who is a registered climber. With no experience you can register as a boulderer only (bouldering is un-roped climbing above a safety mat) and experience the fascinating sport unsupervised. (Over 18's only)

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Unsupervised climbing

If you are and experienced and competent climber you are welcome to come and climb unsupervised with us, all you need to do is complete a registration form and a short practical test or answer a suitable question correctly.

We also have a separate registration system for bouldering only and under 18yr olds.

. A registered climber can supervise up to two novice climbers per session.

How to register:
Adults with climbing experience may register to climb unsupervised at the Centre. In order to register you must be able to:

  • Put on a sit harness correctly
  • Attach a rope to the harness using any recognised climbing knot (see here)
  • Use a belay device to secure a falling climber (climbers must demonstrate satisfactory use of a non auto locking device) (see here)

Download our climbing registration form (here)

Download our bouldering form (here)

Conditions of use (here)

Climbing indoors at Dart Rock Devon


Why not just Go! Climb! ? No climbing experience or booking required! Our unique session enables you to get you, your family, school group, scout group basically anyone climbing. Our staff will give you an induction in how to use our bouldering walls (super fun climbing above safety matting) and get you up our 11m high walls using amazing automatic safety systems. Climbs change all the time so there is always something new to try (like Clip and Climb but with a super unique twist). Only £12.50pp any age or ability can take part. Just GO! CLIMB!

GO! CLIMB! at Dart Rock climbing centre

Young Climbers
Children may climb at the Centre under the supervision of a registered adult climber. If you are aged between 5 and 12 years you may come along to our drop in our Little Lizards club on Saturday mornings 10-12 or if you are aged between 12 and 17 our Chameleons club on Sunday mornings 10-12, book onto our after school clubs or climb under the supervision of our qualified staff or a registered adult. Click HERE for more information. 

We also offer Taster Sessions for juniors under 17 years of age. If you are between 14 and 17 years old you may climb unsupervised at the Centre with parental consent and after passing an assessment. Under 18 registered climbers are not permitted to sign in other climbers under their supervision.


Monday 5-6.30 all ages welcome £10.00pp 

Tuesday  5-6.30 all ages welcome £10.00pp 

Wednesday  5-6.30 all ages welcome £10.00pp 

Thursday  5-6.30 all ages welcome £10.00pp 

Booking is essential online HERE


Special prices and unique sessions can be arranged.

Why not call the centre to create your groups experience!

Get Climbing Today


Why not just GO! CLIMB! ? Our unique session enables everyone to get climbing. no experience or booking required, our amazing automatic belay systems get you up the tallest walls and our bouldering fun will surely give you the climbing bug. Available at both walls. Just Clip and Climb!

Go! Climb!

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Dart Rock are great fun and we run them as required. With three party options we are sure we will have the ideal party package for you! Call us to book

Birthday Parties

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Our mobile wall

We have one of the South Wests only fully staffed mobile rock climbing towers for hire. Why not have an exciting and unique climbing wall at your event or party? Available for hire all year for any event! Call us on 01364 644499 or email to find out how Dart Rock can make your event exciting!

Mobile Climbing Wall

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Special prices and unique sessions can be arranged. Why not call the centre to create your groups experience! 01364 644499

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