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How does it work?

What is a climbing wall?

Climbing walls were originally built to enable rock climbers to train and continue climbing through the wet and cold winter months or in areas where outdoor climbing was difficult to access. Large cities were some of the first places to build commercial walls enabling a captive climbing population to stay climbing fit.

Indoor climbing has boomed over the past few years and now many people use climbing walls just to stay fit, meet friends and train. There are many people now who never climb outside, just using indoor walls as a kind of vertical gym, climbing has become super cool! Climbing is also now going to feature in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the first time, so climbing is going to get huge!

Indoor climbing at Dart Rock Devon

Competent climbers who know how to use the ropes and equipment (we allow any recognised climbing knot and belay device) can register (Registration form) at climbing walls and climb unsupervised to their hearts content (you can also register online here). New climbers can either climb under the supervision of a competent friend or climb under instruction with Centre staff or qualified instructors, there is usually no need for them to complete a registration form.

Walls will often have a policy to enable under 18yr olds to climb unsupervised once they have demonstrated their competency, its worth checking to make sure young climbers can climb without supervision.

Young climber at Dart Rock

Most commercial walls now follow guidelines laid down by the Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC) and offer a range of courses lead by staff with national climbing qualifications run by the Mountain Leader Training Board (MLTE) as well as offering coaching and advice for experienced climbers.

Some walls offer outdoor climbing lessons and guiding services, walls offering outdoor sessions to U18's must hold the HSE required AALA licence and will be inspected to ensure suitable standards are maintained.

Climbing walls vary from tiny home facilities to enormous commercial walls usually in old industrial buildings or disused community buildings such as churches! There are now boulder only Centres without ropes, creating low level climbing above safety matting. Bouldering has exploded in popularity and is accessible to everyone without the need for equipment or rope work skills.

Bouldering at Dart Rock Devon

Most walls run competions for either roped climbing or bouldering and involve climbers of all abilities and ages as well as hosting special events and climbing festivals.

Indoor climbing is extremely sociable and walls are great places to meet new friends and hang out. Larger Centre's will have cafes serving the all important coffee as well as a selection of food from simple snacks to full meals. Lots of people have been hooked by the atmosphere and vibe surrounding climbing walls and have discovered a new and exciting activity. See here how to belay and here how to tie in! Check out how the grading system works HERE

If you want to try something new or you are an active experienced climber Dart Rock is the place to climb!


Special prices and unique sessions can be arranged.

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Why not just GO! CLIMB! ? Our unique session enables everyone to get climbing. no experience or booking required, our amazing automatic belay systems get you up the tallest walls and our bouldering fun will surely give you the climbing bug. Available at both walls. Just Clip and Climb!

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Dart Rock are great fun and we run them as required. With three party options we are sure we will have the ideal party package for you! Call us to book

Birthday Parties

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Our mobile wall

We have one of the South Wests only fully staffed mobile rock climbing towers for hire. Why not have an exciting and unique climbing wall at your event or party? Available for hire all year for any event! Call us on 01364 644499 or email to find out how Dart Rock can make your event exciting!

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Special prices and unique sessions can be arranged. Why not call the centre to create your groups experience! 01364 644499

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