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16 Jan

Qestionnaire to help a local student and climbing enthusiast

Posted By: Robbie

Hi Folks,

A local student has asked if we can get you lovely people to answer a few questions to help him with his course work.

please copy and paste the below questions, answer and email it back to;



Dart Rock Team 


Active or passive cool downs?

This questionnaire is part of an investigation into whether an Active cool down or Passive cool down is the most beneficial to recovery following an indoor/bouldering Climb. 1 of 5

  • What is your age (Circle one)?

8-16             16-24                 24-48                48-55              55+   

  • Male or female (circle one)? M  /  F

2 of 5 Do you normally perform any type of cool-down activity after climbing? Yes/No 

2a)  If yes; which of the following low intensity aerobic activities would you be most likely to do?Please circle

  a) A less difficult climb/boulder        b) A low intensity 0-10 min aerobic exercise (with/without stretches)

c) A 0-10 min walkd)        d) Complete rest        Other 

2b) If No, please give reasons for not doing so:




 3 of 5) Do you believe that your chances of injury (including cramping) are lessened when you complete an active cool down following a Climb session? Yes  /  No If not – Please briefly explain why:



 4 of 5) Have you been informed about appropriate cool down methods and their benefits?Yes  /  No

If so through what source? Please circle;

Poster        Centre Operation Rules        Coaching

Supervising Staff        Leaflets         Other (please explain):



5 of 5) In what way would you possibly want to be informed about cool down’s? Please circle:

Leaflets      guidebook         indoor climbing cool down posters’ 

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