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09 May


Posted By: Robbie

 At Dart Rock we want to get you climbing as much as possible and this Summer starting from the 14th May we will be offering £3.00 climbing from 10am untill 1pm. So come into the centre between these times and climb for only £3.00!! Once you are in you can stay as long as you like...
Cant beat that can you?
Also our familiy deal continues every weekend of the year and during the Summer School holidays. AWESOME!
So no excuse not to keep training and climbing through the Summer.

Dart Rock has been built by and run by climbers who grew up climbing in the South West without anywhere to train or climb during the wet Winter or rainy days during the Summer. We are proude to be part of the South West growing climbing community and just wat to make it easier for everyone to climb, meet friends and enjoy indoor climbing.

Come Climb With Us!!!

Robbie and the Team

Special prices and unique sessions can be arranged. Why not call the centre to create your groups experience! 01364 644499

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