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08 Aug

Be a Devon YOB!

Posted By: Robbie

Devon Youth Open Bouldering Series (Devon YOBS) is a new and exciting climbing series open to all young people who live or attend school in Devon. No matter their climbing experience they are able to come along to Dart Rock Climbing Centre and take part. The series of 3 rounds will be run over 6 months starting at the end of September and running until the beginning of February.

Devon YOBS will run slightly differently to regular competitions where by the young people will compete in teams of 4. These young people will either be of primary or secondary school age and will be in one of three categories; boys, girls and mixed. There will be 20 problems set for each round with grades ranging from V0 through to V5, thus giving each competitor the chance to climb something they feel they can. On the problems graded V0 to V3 there will be 4 problems each (a though to d) and the problems graded V4 and V5 will have 2 each (marked a & b). Each team member will climb one route at each grade to ensure a fair amount of climbing is completed by each team member. For the problems of V4 and V5 grading two members will climb at each grade.

Scoring will be

10 points for a successful 1st attempt

7 points for a 2nd attempt

3 points for 3rd attempt

1 point for any attempt after that

The 3 rounds will be held on the dates shown below and will each begin at 5pm with entry permitted prior to this in order for young people to complete a thorough warm up. Climbing will finish at 8.30pm with prizes handed out soon after.

Round 1: Friday 30th September 2011

Round 2: Friday 2nd December 2011

Round 3: Friday 3rd February 2011


Each round will cost £5 per person or £20 per team (payable on the day). Teams will need to register prior to the event with registration closing 1 week prior to the round taking place.

Prizes will be won by the winning teams as well as those coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. Spot prizes will also be awarded at each round.


So come on, get your team together and get a chance to be a YOB!

Robbie and the team


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