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28 Jul

What a great Birthday!

Posted By: Robbie
Hey Folks! Thanks for coming along to our fabulous 2nd Birthday Bash! YOU are what makes Dart Rock successful...and fun! And yoru rewards besides burgers and crazy competitions? LOTS OF PRIZES! The complete list of winners is below. If you didn't get to pick up your prize on the day, please ask at reception and we will sort it out for you! Congratulations all!

Big thank yous and hugs and kisses from the whole Dart Rock Team!

Dry Tooling Top 6 Semi Final Results
1st Adam Cooper
2nd Reece Wotton
3rd Lewis Richardson
4th Jamie Parffrey
5th Phil Waterhouse
6th Tim Reynolds
Dry Tooling Final Results:
1st Reece Wotton
2nd Lewis Richardson
3rd Adam Cooper
Ladies Top Rope Competition Results:
1st Gil Wood – 97 points
2nd Irene Chapman – 70 points
3rd Robyn Urdaibay – 50 points
4th Nathasha Keates – 40 points
5th Liz Tutty – 30 – points
Under 16’s Top Rope Competition Results:
1st Alex Waterhouse – 140 points
2nd Elliot Vanstone – 137 points
3rd Alex Chapman – 130 points
4th Stevie Vanstone – 101 points
5th Emily Vandendrorpe – 100 points
6th Ellie Davis – 80 points
7th Andrew Price – 77 points
8th Nutchanart Lamphuengworn – 70 points
9th Reuben Miles-Young 70 points
10th Iuan Paterson – 37 point
11th Sam Tutty – 10 points
Men’s Top Rope Competition Results:
1st Lewis Richardson – 140 points
2nd Oliver Luff – 123 points
3rd Tim Reynolds – 120 points
4th Jamie Langler – 117 points
5th Jamie Parffrey – 114 points
6th Reece Wotton – 103 Points
7th Phil Waterhouse – 90 points
8th Gareth Beynon – 90 points
9th Robin Rigiani – 87 points
10th Marc Thorp – 87 points
11th Edgar Simanis – 84 points
12th Andrew Hayley – 84 points
13th Duncan Kenny – 70 points
14th Clive Urdaibay – 70 points
15th Chaz Barr – 67 points
16th Ben Tutty – 30 points
Prize Draw Winners:
SDMC Membership – Phil Waterhouse
2 Degrees membership – Gareth Beynon
No Hands 1st – Russel Bowman
No Hands 2nd – Edgars Simanis
No Hands 3rd – Duncan Kenny
Slackline 1st – Charlie McFadzen
Slackline 2nd – Bella Mendoza
Slackline 3rd – Andrew Harley
Fig Four 1st – Irene Chapman
Fig Four 2nd – Iuan Paterson
Fig Four 3rd – Sam Tutty
Blindfold 1st – Reuben Miles-Young
Blindfold 2nd – Robin Rigiani
Blindfold 3rd – Jamie Parffrey
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