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21 Jul

Happy Birthday!

Posted By: Robbie

So here it goes folks!! this is the layout for Sundays Birthday celebration!

  See you there!



Each customer will be given a ticket upon entry to DR

Top Rope Comp

12pm - 4:30pm

Men's, Women's and Youth

Slack Line Comp

12pm - 4.30pm

Prize Draw - in Traverse room

FIG Four Comp

12pm - 4:30pm

Prize Draw

No Hands Climbing Comp

12pm - 4:30pm

Prize Draw

Blind Folded Climb

12pm - 4:30pm

Prize Draw

2 Degrees Route

12pm - 4:30pm

Prize Draw

SDMC Route

12pm - 4:30pm

Prize Draw

Dry Tooling Try outs

12pm - 4.30pm


Dry Tooling Final


1st 2nd and 3rd prize

Ladder Pinata

4:30pm - 5/5:30pm


Prize Giving

5/5:30pm - 6pm

All prizes to be awarded

Astrids Adventures

12pm - 6pm

Here to meet customers etc

Rock Centre Shop

12pm - 5pm

Set up shop in the alley









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