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31 Mar

Woof - where'd they go?

Posted By: Robbie

Hi everyone!  I know the sun has been shining around here, which means when mum and dad have some free time we've been all heading out to some of our favourite crags.  You may have been throwing  a stick for me at Torbryan.  I like it there.  There are lots of sticks.

But for some reason today mum and dad left me here with Hannah.  I knew something was up cos they have been packing all their climbing gear in funny bags they don't usually use, and I think I saw their passports out...but the real clue was that they packed up all my stuff!  So I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't going with them.  Mum has been trying to learn some Croatian phrases, and they talk about Paklenica all the time, so I guess they went back there to go climbing and left me here. 

 It will be ok, I guess, cos I can stay at Hannah's house.  She takes really good care of me, and I know I'll get a lot of cuddles...but stop by and give me a little extra pat if you are around the wall, cos I'll probably missing my cuddles from mummy.

See ya all round the crags when mum and dad get back!


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