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11 Feb

Continuous Improvement!

Posted By: Robbie

Hey all - a little update about what is going on here.  Dart Rock is YOUR climbing centre– at least that is how we when customers come to us with comments, suggestions or criticisms, we listen, and try our best to make changes to improve your Dart Rock.

So, based on recent suggestions, we’ve made the following changes...I hope you like them!

Firstly, you’ve probably realised lots is happening in the cafe.  We heard your complaints about the chewy we have new stock and a new sandwich machine.  The paninis are flying out the door, and getting lots of praise, so we think this was a really good improvement.  Watch for lots more yummy things coming to the cafe, including our recent addition of Clif products – good old American nutritional ingenuity brought to our British shores!  Clif bars and their companion Builder bars are high protein, high energy, delicious nutrition bars designed to help you maximise your workout.

Also, we had a long hard think about what it means to be a kid...and we decided that from now on Under 18’s are kids...that is what the law says for drink and why not climbing?  From now on, if you are under 18, you will pay the discounted rate.  Unfortunately no other discounts will apply, but this means we get rid of the 16, Under 16...17...etc. confusion that seemed to plague our staff...and means that you get great value by climbing at Dart Rock!  So if you are Under 18, get registered at Dart Rock and get climbing for cheap!

And don't forget, we have new routes being set weekly, and a complete boulder reset  coming up soon!  We always want your feedback on route grades and problems.  One more thing...we finally sorted out some things that were holding us back from bringing you more hopefully this summer you will see LOTS more to keep you occupied!

Keep your suggestions and comments coming, we are always glad to hear them.  Don’t want to talk to a member of staff?  Feel free to send us a comment via our web page, or in the comments box in the chill out area.

Thanks for helping us make Dart Rock better and better!


Paula  & Robbie and all the team

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