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01 Nov

Halloween comp winners!

Posted By: Robbie

Halloween Boot Demo & Comp Winners – 2010


Thanks everyone for making Dart Rock’s big boot demo/Halloween Party/Anniversary Celebration and Boulder Competition a MAJOR success!  It was amazing fun all day, the pies and pasties flew out the doors (well, into peoples bellies!) and Paula especially revelled in the Halloween antics....ah almost as good as being back in America for Halloween!


Thank you also to everyone for your donations to Shelterbox to participate in the fun contests.  We raised £147.43 yesterday alone – getting us very close to our big fundraising target of two Shelterboxes this year, and hopefully a third if we keep asking you generous people to help out!


We also had some amazing bouldering for this fun comp – not our toughest but one of the closest!  Sadly, two participants had to be disqualified for falsifying score cards, so we aim to slightly change rules for future competitions...we want to keep things fun for everyone.


Winners are posted below and will be contacted by email or phone this week.  Please pick up your prize next time you come to the centre.  Congratulations everyone and thanks for making our Seventh wedding anniversary so special!


Dart Rock Route

1st - Entreprise Fingerboard                                                                                                                               Linda McFadden

2nd - DR t-shirt and buff                                                                                                                                                        Charlie McFadden

3rd - Entreprise t-shirt and beanie, DR key ring                           Ian McFadden


Shelterbox Route

1st - Chalk bag, ball, warm up putty, key ring & finger tape            Danny Thompson

2nd - Chalk bag Ball &                                                                                              Gareth Maggs

3rd - Chalk ball & DR key ring                                                                                             Sam Heywood


Cotswold Route

1st - £25.00 gift cert                                                                                               Ian McFadden

2nd - Metolius chalk bag & 2 chalk balls                                                                                                Lucy Matthews

3rd - Wild country chalk bag                                                                                             Jamie Vanstone


La Sportiva

1st - Gift cert boots                                                                                                          Robin Hill

2nd - Chalk bag, ball & 2 x putty                                                                                                     Zoe Fisher

3rd - Putty & chalk ball                                                                                                    Gary Willis



1st - Chalk bag/belt, krab/belay, chalk (loose & ball)                                                                                         Rupert Woods

2nd - Chalk bag/belt, chalk ball                                                                                              Neil Rigiani

3rd - loose chalk                                                                    David Coley                                                          

Red Chilli

1st - Gift Cert Boots                                                                       Martin Sweeney

2nd - Chalk bucket, ball, brush                                                                                               Julia Wherrell

3rd - Chalk brush and ball                                                                                               Nathan Gribble


Boulder comp


1st - Big/cover boulder mats                                                                                        John Ayers

2nd - Chalk bucket & chalk                                                                                            Rob McCloud

3rd - Loose chalk                                                                            Mike Clevedon



1st - Big/cover boulder mats                                                                                        Kim Middlebrook

2nd - Chalk bucket & chalk                                                                                             Lucy Matthews

3rd - Loose chalk                                                                              Cat Wright



1st - 2 mini mats, boulder bucket                                                                               Alex Waterhouse

2nd - Chalk bucket & chalk                                                                                             Elliot Vanstone

3rd - Loose chalk                                                                      Lewis Richardson


Best Costume

1st - Chalk bag              Darren                                                        Le Mrquand

2nd - Chalk bag                                                                                                                    Jo Harakis

3rd - Chalk bag                                                                                                                    Mark Wilson (two chil
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