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23 Aug

Help us help Shelterbox

Posted By: Robbie

This week I was going to post a fantastic picture of our really cool new Lizardmobile - a fully loaded and fully branded Nissan X-trail, meaning we can get to the crags in style, and transport Meghan in a bit more comfort.  But I'm going to forgo talking about how fortunate we are to have so much in this fine country, and instead remind you that Dart Rock selected Shelterbox as their charity of choice because of the good work they do for people less fortunate than us - all over the world.

The news reminds us every day of the debilitating floods and life-changing conditions that have displaced millions of people in Pakistan.  Ours is not to judge whether these people are terrorists, have nuclear weapons, or would or wouldn't help us.  Shelterbox helps without regard for any of this.  These are people.  They need help.  Now.  And Shelterbox has responded with an astounding:

- 624 Shelterboxes so far
- 1900 additional tents
- 5000 water filtration units
- 2500 water carriers
- And people like you and me to distribute it where it is most needed

So no matter what you think about the human sufferring in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, know that Shelterbox is working.  Please continue to donate to Shelterbox through one of Dart Rock's many ways.  Support our Shelterbox Challenge team, laminate your membership card, de-stink your shoes, buy some ClimbOn products or any Dart Rock branded product - all mean at least £.50 or £1.00 of your purchase goes directly to Shelterbox.  They will need this vital support to restock their warehouses to be able to help even more people in the future.

Thanks and lets are share a little peace and goodwill today.

Paula x

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