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11 Jul

Fur coats and warm weather

Posted By: Robbie

Whew!  It is HOT in here!  Now I know why they call it the dog days of summer!  Mummy said if I didn't slow down a bit she was going to shave my hair cos I keep getting overheated from playing so hard all the time.  I keep asking if Dad will take me with him when he goes to teach outside - I don't get as much crag time as I used to since we are busy at the wall all the time - but he said my job is important here.

So even though it is hot, I'll keep bringing my soggy doggy toys to you.  Please come and say hello and give me a stroke if I'm in my prison behind reception.  Mummy makes me go there when I get too hot...

I hope everyone is having a good time climbing this summer, and making the best of the warm weather whist it is here.  Oh no...there is a fly here.  Gotta go chase it now.


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