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15 May

Name that brochure!

Posted By: Robbie

I'm back from across the pond, having basked in the glow of the love of my family and friends in Pennsylvania, USA.  But believe it or not, I missed everyone here - especially our great customers!  So, great customers, time for your clever ideas on what we should call our new instructional brochure.  We've compiled some of the best images available on adjusting your harness, caring for your equipment, belaying properly and so much more.  But we just aren't sure what to call it that will catch everyone's attention and make them pick it up and read it.

Stop on by and ask to see the draft.  The best suggestion gets not only place of pride in our literature display, but wins a chalk ball too!  All suggestions to

Thanks and I'm looking forward to saying hello to everyone and hearing about your climbing adventures whilst I was away eating super size meals and saying "thanks yunz guys"


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