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30 Apr

Well what a weekend!

Posted By: Robbie

Well what a weekend!

We had no idea what was going to happen at Dart Rock’s first event and fun competition. All the planning and brainstorming, all the hand wringing and hard work could have just all been in vain. I got a text from Rachael, our Centre Manager, on Saturday night telling me ‘It’s raining!’I had a big smile on my face whilst I read the electronic message......

Sure enough on Sunday morning it was raining and our Chameleons kids club was very busy as usual. We had set all the competition boulder problems, set the boot demo, shelter box and Cotswold routes the night before and Malden Marquees had carpeted the rubber crumb and delivered chairs ready for the Johnny Dawes talk that evening. There was an air of excitement and mild panic in the air! The smell of cooking Chunk pies filled the wall as well as the fermenting much less pleasant odour of the  demo boots! The wall looked fantastic festooned in manufacturer banners and tagged routes, but would anyone show up?

At 11.30 the first climbers started to show up, Chameleons does not finish until 12 so things were looking good, at least we would have some competition winners! After Chameleons the wall started to fill up, regulars and new climbers came in waves throughout the day, trying on shoes, entering the bouldering competition, drinking tea, eating lovely pies and just having a great time. The atmosphere was amazing and really relaxed with everyone getting into the spirit of the event. La Sportiva and Evolv were really impressed with the turnout and are keen to come back anytime we run another comp.

Johnny Dawes the amazing ‘stone monkey’ turned up halfway through the afternoon to a full and vibrant wall, he immediately started chatting  with all the climbers resting in reception. The pies were a great and instant hit and we sold out early in the afternoon, so we will be serving Chunk pies on a regular basis very soon. After an amusing prize giving session the next task was to set up for Johnny’s talk and after some all too expected computer issues the talk began to a full room.

Johnny’s talk was fascinating and unique, combining video and slides interspersed with readings from his soon to be published book he held the audience in quiet fascination. His rambling and near shambolic delivery added to rather than distracted from his words and pictures, a great end to a truly fantastic day.

Johnny stayed with us over the weekend and his company was truely great. The next day I went for an all too brief climb with him at Bonehill before he began his masterclassess. His style of teaching was very beguiling to all involved and without exception everyone thought that the sessions were very, very usefull and great fun.

We are looking forward to the next event with eager anticipation....

Here is a list of the winners of the comp and spot prizes:

Evolve Route

1st Prize: Paul Sillence

2nd Prize: (All Ready collected by the lucky winner)

3rd Prize: Jamie Layler

 La Sportiva Route

1st Prize: Benny Cattrell

2nd Prize: Jo Taylor

3rd Prize: Livi West

 Red Chilli Route

Ian Lee

Cotswolds Route1st Prize: Rowan James2nd Prize: Tasheem Ali3rd Prize: Ben Ladbrook Shelter Box Route Jinni King Dart Rock Lead Route Sam Arkle Dart Rock Kids Route Iuan Paterson

Spot Prize Winners:... Tom Banks, Tom Bell, Naomi Le May, Matt Telfer, Sue Vanstone,Allen Robbins, Sarah Paterson, Bethan Edwards, Jamie Vanstone, Rory Ferris, Tressa King, Mark Bunney, Joanna Buckley, James McGlee, Claude Pool, Oscar Walters, Andy Gibb, Alex Lyit, Chelsea Robinson, Cassidy Davis, Tim Barnden, Pete Treviss-Bell, Rich Walter, Hatstand, Beeky Varns, Mikey Waller, Jack F.  

Boulder Comp:  

Mens1st Prize: Jake Davis2nd Prize: Pete Treviss-Bell3rd Prize: Matt Telfer

Womens1st Prize: Gil Wood2nd Prize: Camila Walter 

Juniors1st Prize: Alex Waterhouse2nd Prize: Elliot Vanstone 

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