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22 Sep

Cakes, coffee, sunshine and climbers

Posted By: Paula
Hello all, The new coffee has been going really well and we have recieved good feedback from Dart Rocks caffiene addicts.
My sister, who make all of our gorgeous cake was 60 on Saturday, she had a great party and Paula and I bought her scuba diving lessons!!! Due to her birthday our cake supply is a bit low this week, sorry to all you sugar addicts!! I promise I will whip my sister back into action soon!
The sun has been shining now for almost three weeks and yet you lovely folk keep coming through the doors, we are really pleased with how things are going and we look forward to a busy winter.
To all of you who are working any of our routes please be aware that we are going to be route setting over the next few weeks so get your favourite routes done quickly, they may not be around very long!! So the next few days we will be cleaning holds and buying more to gear up for our resetting fest.
Hope to see you all soon. Robbie and Paula
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