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Blog 09-2009

  • 29 Sep

    The long awaited Campus board is now up at Dart Rock. This impressive training aid has been partly sponsored by Cotswold Outdoors and is probably the most impressive in the South West! We will also be putting some screw on holds to its right so that we can complete this fantastic training aid. A BIG thank you to Kian Clipson for putting it up for us,...

  • 22 Sep

    Hello all, The new coffee has been going really well and we have recieved good feedback from Dart Rocks caffiene addicts. My sister, who make all of our gorgeous cake was 60 on Saturday, she had a great party and Paula and I bought her scuba diving lessons!!! Due to her birthday our cake supply is a bit low this week, sorry to all you sugar addicts!!...

  • 14 Sep

    Kids clubs and success!

    Posted By: Paula

    Our childrens clubs at weekends (Little Lizards and Chameleons) are proving to be very, very popular. I would like to thank all the parents who have stuck with us through our first few weeks of wide eyed surprise as more and more of you come through the doors of a weekend. We now have a pretty good idea of how they are going to run and we are also...

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